Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maligayang Kaarawan, Bro!♥

You are the living proof that people don't need to have the same parents so they can be siblings. I'm glad I have a big brother in you. Happy 27th, Eddie Padilla Jr.! I love you.♥

Bro and the mango cake from Conti's: stole this photo from his iPad. hihihi!

"We'll be friends until forever, just you wait and see."
- A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

Friday, December 16, 2011

My First Present for Christmas 2011

Just came from a quick meet-up with Gigel a little while ago. I was there to give her the payment for her examinations, but I did not expect that I will be getting a gift from her. So the first Christmas gift I got this year was from my little (but not so little anymore) sister.☺ I thought it was crazy that post-its were all over it, but when I read it, I thought, "it's the thought that counts." hehehe!☺ It was Manding's idea (her teammate and best friend) to use post-it instead of the traditional gift tag.  

Who needs gift tags when you have post-it?

I had fun reading the notes. It should have been 11, but I guess the other one fell off while I was at the LRT.:(
The first note: This is for you Nang Edz. I love u. - Dai
I know, it's for me, from you.☺ and oh, I love you, too!♥

The second note: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love, Bentong
Hahaha! I know, right? I'm BENTONG, too.:P

The third note: Matambok ka pa sa 2012 =)
How evuhl! "Matambok ka pa" roughly translates to "tataba ka pa". :|

The fourth note: Thank you for everything. You are so great. Love you much.
Every sister is great, right? I mean, who wouldn't do anything and everything for one's own sister? Hmmm... I admit I'm not always the best sister for her, but it warms my heart knowing that she still thinks I'm great. *teary-eyed*

The fifth note: Halong permi, God bless you everyday - Dai
"Halong permi" is "ingat palagi". We always text and remind each other na mag-iingat, but I guess seeing this actual note is more heartfelt.♥ 

The sixth note (first note from Manding)
Huwaw! So sleng ha, Venting talaga?☺

The seventh note: Happy Christmas! haha! teker sexy! stay pretty :b
Gusto ko to, kasi sexy daw ako at pretty. hahaha! I love Amanding!☺

The eighth note: Hello panda! hahaha! take care!
"Hello Panda" daw o... I'm sure hindi ako yun. hahaha!☺

The ninth note: Papa P and Papa D!
Wahahaha! She knows I love Papa P and Papa D!♥

The tenth note: Ate Heads, your head is big, because ur sexy and smart (hahaha!)
 Manding, huwaw! Naniniwala naman ako na sexy ako, hindi mo na dapat inuulit-ulit yan. hahaha!☺ If you think my head is big, you should have seen my heart. It's bigger because I am full of love. Not necessarily the sensual love, but love from family and friends, like you.♥

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maligayang Kaarawan, Hazy!♥

11 years and 6 months ago when you walked in that Third Year - Courtesy classroom, another sister was added to my life. Happy 28th, Kathryn Hazel Jade Olano! I love you!♥ 

Late for the 12 midnight surprise. argh!

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh?" he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's hand.
"I just wanted to be sure of you."
- A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Thursday, December 1, 2011

i LOVE the Elephant Parade!♥

It was on our recent trip to Singapura that I noticed several colorful elephant statues around Vivo City and The Fullerton Hotel. That's when I learned that that was The Elephant Parade: the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. It was such an amazing exhibit, and I felt so lucky that I got the chance to see it even before it ended (this is also their first time in Asia). The exhibit runs from September 11, 2011 - January 12, 2012 in Singapore.

Here are some of the photos I got...

Photos taken at Vivo City:  

Hennaphant by Jonathan Ching 

Me and Hennaphant

Hennaphant with Senyora C and Bessy

Miss India by Nut Thamrongpittayanan

Miss India and Senyora C

Me and Miss India

Elephant Angels by Mindflyer 

Bessy says this is his favorite because it's blue.

Photos taken at Fullerton Hotel with my personal favorite, Delightful Durian by Nat Posila & Ed Robinson:

We didn't get to see all of them as it was too hot when we went to Vivo City, and it was raining when we went to the Fullerton Hotel. Haaay.:( See more photos of the elephants here.

I wish they could drop by the Philippines as well. Or better yet, I hope we could put up our own parade... hmmm... perhaps for the endangered or the threatened species in the Philippines... butanding parade, dugong parade, crocodile parade, tarsier parade, turtle parade, eagle parade... that will be sooo cool! Pero kahit hindi na pala para sa endangered or threatened, basta tatak Pinas, kaya kahit carabao parade na lang, keri na. hahaha!Ü 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fruitea Mix: Make Tea Your Habit

In my most recent trip to the Lion City, I was with my Bessy JC, and her mom, Senyora C. We were waiting for our flight departure and that's when we came across FruiTea Mix. We initially planned on getting iced milk tea from Kopiroti, but since this one's new and they also sell milk teas, Bessy and I decided to try this one out. 

Milk teas range from PhP94-105 for medium sized drinks and PhP105-116 for large. These are milk tea-based and you can select the fruit or flavor you want to mix it with. Must-tries are: premium, caramel, strawberry, mochaccino and milk tea 101. 

(Click image for larger view of the price list)

Fruiteas are green tea- or black tea-based and you can also select the fruit you want to mix it with. Fruityjuices are (uhm...) fruit juices, obviously. hahaha!Ü Fruiteas range from PhP83-88 for medium and PhP94-99 for large, and Fruityjuices range from PhP83-94 for medium and PhP94-105 for large. Passion fruit and cranberry are must-tries for Fruiteas, and wintermelon grass jelly and taro blend for Fruityjuices. 

(Click image for larger view of the price list)

Freshly brewed tea in every cup, indeed!  

Smash ice are their version of fruit shakes. They only have medium size available for Smash ice and that's at PhP99. Must-tries are strawberry, taro, honeydew, and mango. And Freshly brewed, well yes, are freshly brewed tea. ahahaha!Ü

(Click image for larger view of the price list)

I really didn't get to ask about what the moussemix are made of, but that's something I'd try next time. I'm guessing it may have whipped cream on it, a la frappe. Medium size is for PhP77 and PhP88 for large. Must-tries are choco mousse and taro. As for the Fruity Yakult, this I love, because it has yakult in it, and I love yakult! This is available in medium size only, for PhP94. Must-tries are passion fruit, tropical fruit and strawberry.

(Click image for larger view of the price list)

What I also find nice about FruiTea Mix is that all cold drinks they sell include 1 free add-on: pearl, coco jelly, jelly strips, red bean, egg pudding, brown jelly, honey aloe and grass jelly.

The Fruitea Mix store at the arrival area of NAIA Terminal 3:

My wintermelon milktea is here!  
mahangin sa labas, my gash!

Bessy's strawberry delight!

Feeling endorser? hihihi!

It may not be obvious, but yeah, I love tea.♥


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wham Burger Weekend.Ü

Earlier this month, I was able to book Mommy Mel for the AirPhil Express Piso fare, saving her more than half of the normal airfare she pays for when she goes home to Bacolod. She promised to treat me at Wham! Burgers for my effort, and just last night, the promise was fulfilled. Yay!

A couple blocks away from the office is the Burgos Circle at Forbes Town Center, the newest dining hotspot in the metro:

We had plans of invading Wham! Burgers before, but because of our recent schedule changes, we did not get the chance to. Their Forbeswood branch operates 11AM-11PM daily, and that's a little too late for our schedules as well.

Mommy Mel while waiting for our order.

Mommy Mel's Wham Burger
Mommy Mel decided to have Wham Burger. It contains freshest 1/3 pound all-beef patty, with lettuce and tomato. And I had Bronco Burger: 1/3 pound all-beef patty, with bacon (lots of it), cheese, onions and American barbeque sauce. I'd prefer it with lettuce and tomato as well, but I  still definitely looove it! Wait time was around 15 minutes, but it was well worth it. Really!

My Bronco Burger and fries. yumyum!
They do serve catsup and mustard free, but for extra mayonnaise, they charge at a minimal fee (PhP15 as of this writing).


Wham! Burgers truly whammed me with their Bronco burger, so I'll be back for more. Definitely!☺

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Viva Las Vigan! (an Ilocandia Adventure - Day 3)

Last day at Ilocos (22 November 2010)

Good morning, Pagudpud!☺

Lakwatsero y lakwatsera extraordinaires.Ü Photo by Twinee.

That morning also marked the fulfillment of Luvz's dream, ang magpalipad ng saranggola sa tabi ng dagat:

Sabi ni Juyjuy, ihagis ko daw, tapos sya tatakbo. Lumipad naman, kaya lang...

... nadapa siya... pero sabi nga, try and try until you succeed.

Kaya si Serah naman nag-try, pero ayaw lumipad kasi walang hangin. :(

Buti na lang, kasama namin si Nybabs na mabilis tumakbo, kaya lumipad ang saranggola!Ü

At naisakatuparan ang pangarap ni Luvlee. yey!

Au revoir, Pagudpud!

Then we're off to the south! First stop, Grandpa's Restaurant at Santiago St., Heritage Village, Vigan:

The food was delicioso!Ü (Si Kuya Raffy kung maka-fierce o! Siya yung naka black, driver slash tourguide namin.)

Best in costume na kami ni Luvz.Ü

An embossed painting of the Bantay Bell tower inside the restaurant. We didn't get to see the real thing, but this one's good enough.Ü 

Si Maria noon...

Si Marie ngayon. hihihi!Ü Photos by Serah

After the amazing lunch, we then headed to Syquia Mansion at Calle Quirino:

The corner of Syquia Mansion

Inside the mansion; behind us is the replica of Juan Luna’s Spolarium, which was painted by his assistant. And that vase Warner is pointing at? That's a bunggang bunggang vase from the Ming Dynasty.

Naalala ko dati si President Elpidio Quirino sa 2-peso coin, parang ang taba niya doon!Ü  

And of course, Calle Crisologo:

Kahit noon unang panahon pala, usong uso na talaga ang tsismisan. hihihi!Ü

Of course, our trip to Ilocos would not be complete without trying their famous empanada:

Too bad, I can't recall the name of the street where this is located, but they really have the best tasting empanada I've tried!

Haaay... I can't believe it has already been a year since we took a trip there. I'll certainly be back there someday.☺