Friday, November 30, 2012

See yaw, Panglao!Ü

Wala lang akong maisip na title, yan na lang, hehehe! From double trouble to triple trouble, I can't wait to see you again, Bohol.<3

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy 89th, Hachiko!♥

I sooooo love Google's doodle today (I'm a Google doodle fan). I was just reminded of how much Hachiko's story made me cry, and how wonderful life is with a loyal and trusted friend (human or not). Hachiko, wherever dog heaven you may be, you are remembered and loved.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Metro Adventures with JLo.♥

Photo roll of JLo's Manila escapade.;)

24 September: Touchdown MNL


I wanted to bring this doggy home.



Makulay ang buhay!


Ininta! hahaha!

Kaigo ka man d dai o.:D


Cover photo dai?


Can you look for JLo? :)

I love these blocks.

Let's Taco Bell ourselves!

Wala ni daan sa Bacolod ya.:)

Go lafoks dai!

JLo at Taco Bell TriNoMa
Ice Hockey at SM Mall of Asia

From North to South - SM North EDSA to SM MOA
Sleep over at Primarosa: 

Busy Andrei.:)

Andrei: Naano ka Tita Jaz?

Andrei: Lakat ko ah!:P

Andrei: Ay! Hindi pa ko gali kabalo maglakat.:D

Day 2, we went to Manila Zoo and explored a bit of Malate and Manila Bay.;)  I may make a separate entry for our Manila Zoo Adventure.

Day 3 at UP Diliman! I have never set foot here. I'm glad JLo had an important task at UP that I got the chance to go there... finally after 5 years! 

Ini-experience ang canton and kwek kwek meal.

I finally got to see you in real life!

Inta inta sa imo dai!:P

T, tulugan mo nlng ko ya?:P

 Hay kadasig lang... looking forward to more metro adventures with you, Dai.;)