Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My First Breath... Underwater!

Nothing beats the first time! Finally crossed out of my bucket list, I had the most amazing, unbelievable, blissful, ecstatic, rapturous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, superbunggangbunggangtuwangtuwaako first SCUBA diving experience! I can't get over the fact that I really was there, breathing underwater and seeing and experiencing how it feels like to live in Ariel's world.Ü

I saw Sarah and Twinee's photos and videos of their first dive in Cebu, during our barkada trip that apparently I was not able to join in because I had to go home at that time (I would not have missed that opportunity to dive if I was there). I got sooo excited when Sarah planned out for us to dive in our long-anticipated Davao trip. I thought, "Finally, matutupad na ang pangarap kong maging little mermaid!" hahaha!Ü

I had fun during the dive, aside from already getting the hang of having to "equalize" every now and then so that my ears won't hurt while I was down there, it was really fun looking at the schools of fishes na dumadaan sa harap ko, others even nibbling my legs (feeling nila siguro chicharon ako, hehehe!Ü). I had a great time kasi I didn't feel nervous at all, knowing that it's a whole new world I'm discovering. Nakakatuwa kaya makita gumalaw yung giant clam! Akala ko kasi nung una hindi sila gumagalaw. Hehehe!Ü

Here's a quick video of my DavaoDive. Hindi na ako naka-complete diving outfit kasi this is technically my second dive, akala ko kasi hindi na ako papayagan mag-dive ulit kaya hindi ako prepared tuloy! My second plunge made me understand why there is a need for the wetsuit. Malamig pala talaga when you get into deeper parts of the sea.Ü


Potpot said...

buti naman natuwa ka sa dive! mag pa certify na tayooo!

edzactly said...

serah potpot: cannot be na ako this year, super negative na VL at SL ko. hopefully first half of next year, i can get licensed na bago kayo mag schedule mag dive with the thresher sharks para makasama naman ako.:)