Sunday, September 2, 2012

Coron, Coron, doon kami itinapon (Day 1)

Eto na naman ako, another reminiscent blog about another bunggang bunggang adventure sa pinakamamahal kong Las Islas Filipinas.

Exactly 2 years ago (or maybe 2 years and 2 days ago), 10 of my pinakamamahal na friends and I were on the plane bound for Busuanga, Coron. First major barkada trip namin ito, kaya super excited kami to the highest level!

Touchdown USU!

Upon arrival at the Busuanga airport, we were fetched by the van and were transported over to the Amphibi-ko Resort.

Doterz in Coron!

We got our tour package from the resort, and for our 3D/ 2N getaway, we shelled out PhP3,900 per person. That includes our accommodation, breakfast and lunch, all transportation fees (including transfers to and from the airport), and all entrance fees.

Welcome Amphibi-ko!

It takes about 45 minutes from the airport to the town proper where the resort was located. I find the resort nice and cozy because it was built over the sea talaga, and bahay kubo yung style niya, but with an added twist kasi may aircon, hehehe! 

our bahay kubo with aircon. hehehe!

And they have their own "pantalan" where they have their jet skis and boats parked, kaya you don't have to travel pa from the resort to the port for the island hopping, which is a must-do when you are in Coron.

Eto yung sinasabi kong pantalan, I don't know what to call it. hehehe! 

eto na nga, excited kaming lumafang.
panira ng moment ni thelmie... hehehe!

We arrived a little past noon so we were all famished but definitely ready to go for the half day's activity. They already have our lunch ready when got there, so we just freshened up a bit and then had our quicky lunch, then went ahead for the island hopping. We got to three destinations within the Coron Island loop for our half day tour: Siete Pecados, Twin Lagoon and Kayangan Lake.
Al fresco dining at Amphibi-ko

Our first stop, Siete Pecados, is desribed as: This cluster of seven islets is home to rich marine life, abundant corals, fish of varied colors and species. The beauty underneath makes Siete Pecados one of Coron’s best sites for snorkeling.

three of the seven islets

Too bad that during time, we didn't have an underwater camera with us, sayang ang mga underwater photos na dapat nacapture. You don't have to look for Nemo kung nandoon ka kasi ang dami nya doon. Kaya sabi ko, next time na babalik ako doon, maiwan na lahat, wag lang underwater camera.

Totoo nga! Ang daming isda!

As for our second stop, Twin Lagoon: Dare to swim into a small underwater tunnel to cross from one lagoon to another. The limestone cliffs that separate the two lagoons, the tranquil waters, along with the challenge of the underwater tunnel make for an unforgettable adventure.

Obvious ba na wala na akong makitang photo ng Twin Lagoon? hehehe!
Hindi namin nacapture ang lagoon on the other side of the tunnel dahil nga wala kaming underwater camera. Oh well, there goes another reason for me to go back.

Eto ung balsa na pwedeng sakyan papunta ng kabilang lagoon. Strongly suggested that you try passing through while riding here.Ü

And we saved the best for last, Kayangan Lake: Prepare to be mesmerized by its stately beauty and grace. The entrance itself is awe-inspiring, as is the view from the top. It has been hailed many times over as the cleanest fresh water lake in the country.

Arrival at the entrace to the lake

We had to climb a flight of stairs to get to the other side

Hindi ko na naman maalala kung ano pinipicturan ko dito. hmmm...

This is where you have to stand to see the other view (next photo please!)

Eto na nga, ang pang postcard at most photographed area ng Coron.Ü

Then on our way back, we got to see their mala-Hollywood style na Coron sign:

Coron, Hollywood style
Then we were off to Maquinit Hot Spring to recap our first day. We really didn't have much photos kasi gabing-gabi na when we went there and hindi masyadong kita 'yung place sa picture. At gravity (grabe, 'te!) nag Maquinit, kasi parang nilalaga ka sa init ng tubig, although it gets comfortable naman the longer you stay, and it really was relaxing. At oo nga, ang gravity (grabe, 'te!) kasi maalat yung tubig, I should know kasi tinikman ko. Hehehe!Ü 

Grabe, half day pa lang, amazed na amazed at mesmerized na ako sa kagandahan ng Coron. Mas lalong gumanda dahil kami ay naroon.Ü

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