Friday, December 16, 2011

My First Present for Christmas 2011

Just came from a quick meet-up with Gigel a little while ago. I was there to give her the payment for her examinations, but I did not expect that I will be getting a gift from her. So the first Christmas gift I got this year was from my little (but not so little anymore) sister.☺ I thought it was crazy that post-its were all over it, but when I read it, I thought, "it's the thought that counts." hehehe!☺ It was Manding's idea (her teammate and best friend) to use post-it instead of the traditional gift tag.  

Who needs gift tags when you have post-it?

I had fun reading the notes. It should have been 11, but I guess the other one fell off while I was at the LRT.:(
The first note: This is for you Nang Edz. I love u. - Dai
I know, it's for me, from you.☺ and oh, I love you, too!♥

The second note: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love, Bentong
Hahaha! I know, right? I'm BENTONG, too.:P

The third note: Matambok ka pa sa 2012 =)
How evuhl! "Matambok ka pa" roughly translates to "tataba ka pa". :|

The fourth note: Thank you for everything. You are so great. Love you much.
Every sister is great, right? I mean, who wouldn't do anything and everything for one's own sister? Hmmm... I admit I'm not always the best sister for her, but it warms my heart knowing that she still thinks I'm great. *teary-eyed*

The fifth note: Halong permi, God bless you everyday - Dai
"Halong permi" is "ingat palagi". We always text and remind each other na mag-iingat, but I guess seeing this actual note is more heartfelt.♥ 

The sixth note (first note from Manding)
Huwaw! So sleng ha, Venting talaga?☺

The seventh note: Happy Christmas! haha! teker sexy! stay pretty :b
Gusto ko to, kasi sexy daw ako at pretty. hahaha! I love Amanding!☺

The eighth note: Hello panda! hahaha! take care!
"Hello Panda" daw o... I'm sure hindi ako yun. hahaha!☺

The ninth note: Papa P and Papa D!
Wahahaha! She knows I love Papa P and Papa D!♥

The tenth note: Ate Heads, your head is big, because ur sexy and smart (hahaha!)
 Manding, huwaw! Naniniwala naman ako na sexy ako, hindi mo na dapat inuulit-ulit yan. hahaha!☺ If you think my head is big, you should have seen my heart. It's bigger because I am full of love. Not necessarily the sensual love, but love from family and friends, like you.♥

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