Thursday, December 1, 2011

i LOVE the Elephant Parade!♥

It was on our recent trip to Singapura that I noticed several colorful elephant statues around Vivo City and The Fullerton Hotel. That's when I learned that that was The Elephant Parade: the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. It was such an amazing exhibit, and I felt so lucky that I got the chance to see it even before it ended (this is also their first time in Asia). The exhibit runs from September 11, 2011 - January 12, 2012 in Singapore.

Here are some of the photos I got...

Photos taken at Vivo City:  

Hennaphant by Jonathan Ching 

Me and Hennaphant

Hennaphant with Senyora C and Bessy

Miss India by Nut Thamrongpittayanan

Miss India and Senyora C

Me and Miss India

Elephant Angels by Mindflyer 

Bessy says this is his favorite because it's blue.

Photos taken at Fullerton Hotel with my personal favorite, Delightful Durian by Nat Posila & Ed Robinson:

We didn't get to see all of them as it was too hot when we went to Vivo City, and it was raining when we went to the Fullerton Hotel. Haaay.:( See more photos of the elephants here.

I wish they could drop by the Philippines as well. Or better yet, I hope we could put up our own parade... hmmm... perhaps for the endangered or the threatened species in the Philippines... butanding parade, dugong parade, crocodile parade, tarsier parade, turtle parade, eagle parade... that will be sooo cool! Pero kahit hindi na pala para sa endangered or threatened, basta tatak Pinas, kaya kahit carabao parade na lang, keri na. hahaha!Ü 

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