Monday, November 28, 2011

Fruitea Mix: Make Tea Your Habit

In my most recent trip to the Lion City, I was with my Bessy JC, and her mom, Senyora C. We were waiting for our flight departure and that's when we came across FruiTea Mix. We initially planned on getting iced milk tea from Kopiroti, but since this one's new and they also sell milk teas, Bessy and I decided to try this one out. 

Milk teas range from PhP94-105 for medium sized drinks and PhP105-116 for large. These are milk tea-based and you can select the fruit or flavor you want to mix it with. Must-tries are: premium, caramel, strawberry, mochaccino and milk tea 101. 

(Click image for larger view of the price list)

Fruiteas are green tea- or black tea-based and you can also select the fruit you want to mix it with. Fruityjuices are (uhm...) fruit juices, obviously. hahaha!Ü Fruiteas range from PhP83-88 for medium and PhP94-99 for large, and Fruityjuices range from PhP83-94 for medium and PhP94-105 for large. Passion fruit and cranberry are must-tries for Fruiteas, and wintermelon grass jelly and taro blend for Fruityjuices. 

(Click image for larger view of the price list)

Freshly brewed tea in every cup, indeed!  

Smash ice are their version of fruit shakes. They only have medium size available for Smash ice and that's at PhP99. Must-tries are strawberry, taro, honeydew, and mango. And Freshly brewed, well yes, are freshly brewed tea. ahahaha!Ü

(Click image for larger view of the price list)

I really didn't get to ask about what the moussemix are made of, but that's something I'd try next time. I'm guessing it may have whipped cream on it, a la frappe. Medium size is for PhP77 and PhP88 for large. Must-tries are choco mousse and taro. As for the Fruity Yakult, this I love, because it has yakult in it, and I love yakult! This is available in medium size only, for PhP94. Must-tries are passion fruit, tropical fruit and strawberry.

(Click image for larger view of the price list)

What I also find nice about FruiTea Mix is that all cold drinks they sell include 1 free add-on: pearl, coco jelly, jelly strips, red bean, egg pudding, brown jelly, honey aloe and grass jelly.

The Fruitea Mix store at the arrival area of NAIA Terminal 3:

My wintermelon milktea is here!  
mahangin sa labas, my gash!

Bessy's strawberry delight!

Feeling endorser? hihihi!

It may not be obvious, but yeah, I love tea.♥


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