Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Itadakimasu at Tanba Yakiniku Buffet

It started with a crazy Happy Birthday greeting in my FB wall from my crazy Bro, kahit magkatabi lang kami that time, na sinundan din ng ibang HS classmates. Hihihi!☺ Kaya kahit hindi ko naman talaga birthday, I still celebrated my 25th-year-7th-month-10th-day birthday today, with Bro Eddieboy and Sisaw Hewy. 

 ♫ ♪ watashi no tanjoubi omedetou! ♪♫

Just a little walk from Robinson's Place Malate (take the Adriatico Wing) is Tanba Yakiniku Buffet. Malate is really a good place to go to if you are craving for Japanese or Korean food, as they are overflowing there.☺

They offer a lot of fresh meat for yakiniku: chicken, pork, beef, and seafood. Round 1!

Our not-so-fully-loaded yakiniku hot plate.

Bro devouring the ika (squid).

I was not able to take lots of photos of the place or the food as I was too busy with my most important task -- eating. I found a new favorite, sweet karubi beef! I ate tons of those. As in tons!☺

I love karubi!♥

Aside from the yakiniku items, they also have salads (Caesar and Garden salad) on the side and a selection of fresh fruits as well. Of course, our Japanese dining experience would not be complete without their wide range of sushi and sashimi. When I say wide, I really mean wiiiiiide! They've got California roll, Alaska roll, tamago maki, futomaki, nigirizushi, and other sashimis that I could not even recall the names of. Again, I was too busy enjoying the food that I was not able to take note of the names.

Sisaw and the California roll.
Then round 2!

Sisaw with our round 2 of ika and karubi.

They also have ebi tempura and ebi furai (fried prawn), gyoza, and other Filipino dishes, such as crispy pata and super crispy pork chicharon. And oh, they have fried chicken, too.

ebi and toriniku (prawn and chicken)

Round 3: Feasting on maki and sashimi and sushi! And of course, my favorite part, dessert! They have fruit salad, buco pandan, and ice cream to satisfy that sweet tooth.☺


For only PhP 560.00, you get to enjoy all these, but wait, there's more! If you add them up on Facebook and provide their lucky keyword of the day when you get there, you can get to enjoy 20%-50% discount, just like we did! This is one of the best birthday celebrations I've ever had in my entire life, because I was with the best people with the best food and the best busog-est moment!☺

The aftermath: too busog and too lazy to move. hahaha!

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