Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wham Burger Weekend.Ü

Earlier this month, I was able to book Mommy Mel for the AirPhil Express Piso fare, saving her more than half of the normal airfare she pays for when she goes home to Bacolod. She promised to treat me at Wham! Burgers for my effort, and just last night, the promise was fulfilled. Yay!

A couple blocks away from the office is the Burgos Circle at Forbes Town Center, the newest dining hotspot in the metro:

We had plans of invading Wham! Burgers before, but because of our recent schedule changes, we did not get the chance to. Their Forbeswood branch operates 11AM-11PM daily, and that's a little too late for our schedules as well.

Mommy Mel while waiting for our order.

Mommy Mel's Wham Burger
Mommy Mel decided to have Wham Burger. It contains freshest 1/3 pound all-beef patty, with lettuce and tomato. And I had Bronco Burger: 1/3 pound all-beef patty, with bacon (lots of it), cheese, onions and American barbeque sauce. I'd prefer it with lettuce and tomato as well, but I  still definitely looove it! Wait time was around 15 minutes, but it was well worth it. Really!

My Bronco Burger and fries. yumyum!
They do serve catsup and mustard free, but for extra mayonnaise, they charge at a minimal fee (PhP15 as of this writing).


Wham! Burgers truly whammed me with their Bronco burger, so I'll be back for more. Definitely!☺


sarah callanga said...

crave burger padin! unli mayo ketchup and mustard.ahahha

edzactly said...

serah garl, it was a treat from mommy mel, choosy pa ba ako?Ü i love wham! but i also love crave.
*sana ang burger parang love, para pwedeng magmahal ng dalawa. hahaha!Ü