Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AirPhil Express Piso Fare (110211)

My sister, Pame, who works at AirPhil Express, texted me last night while I was on my way to work that there will be a Piso Fare by November 2. I was excited for 12 midnight to come as I am hoping that I could book a flight to CDO for July 2012, so I could go white water rafting again with Jumunica and Enn, who were able to book their flight in the previous Piso Fare (September). But to my dismay, only MNL to BCD/ CEB/ ILO (and vice versa) are on sale; also CEB to BCD/ ILO/ TAC (and vice versa). Travel Period is from July 1 to September 30, 2012, and I could not seem to think of any occasions that would need my presence within that time period back home, so I opted not to book any flights. I helped book one of my officemates, Mommy Mel, for her flight in August and I was surprised that the fuel surcharge increased from PhP250 to PhP350 (for Visayas flights). In the 080911 Piso Fare, total fare is just PhP579 with the fuel surcharge, government taxes and service fee, this time it's PhP803.

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I am very thankful for the increasing number of seat sales that local airlines are offering, because of them, I was able to explore the wonders the Philippines has to offer. I am not complaining at all, it's just that, I think, it's not sooo Piso Fare after all.☺


mikai said...

hello there! i happened to see your blog and i agree with you, i felt the same way na piso fare nga pero almost one thousand din sya. but we just have to be thankful compared to bumili tayo ng regular fare na mahal talaga. can you add me up here sa blogspot? i just started blogging din. thank you po.:)

edzactly said...

hi, mikai!Ü it seems you may have forgotten to include the URL for your blog, and i can't find your email as well, so i'm not sure exactly how to follow your blog, but thank you for the comment though.Ü