Friday, March 9, 2012

Kanamit sa Bacolod!Ü

I had 2 primary reasons for flying home (to Bacolod) yesterday: first is my little big brother GeeBee and second is Mama.

GeeBee is graduating from high school and wanted to enroll in Manila for college. He's scheduled to take his entrance exam at Adamson University on Saturday, but due to some family drama (or should I just say "Mama drama", hahaha!), he had to let go his dream of studying college in Manila and pursue it in Bacolod instead. I already purchased his ticket, so I still decided to bring him along to the metro, just so he can buy his dream Zoo York shoes (there are no Zoo York stores in BCD yet) as my birthday gift for him.

There was runway congestion when I left Manila yesterday, so my flight ended leaving an hour after the actual departure time. Upon touchdown in BCD, I met up with him at school (my alma mater, as well), and we headed to Bob's Restaurant as a pre-birthday treat for him. A treat for myself as well! I missed their giant cheeseburger so much. If it's food tripping that you're after, Bacolod is the best place to be.☺

When you are in Bacolod, you won't have a hard time looking for Bob's Restaurant as it is just located right across the Riverside Medical Center (Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital).

Bob's Suggestion (PhP 190). Giant cheeseburger with macaroni on the side, and a glass of softdrinks.
I was not able to take the photo of "Bob's Suggestion" (that's really what it's called) when it was just served as I was too hungry and too excited to think of taking photos.

Then we headed off to Bob's Cafe, it's just a couple of blocks from Bob's Restaurant, and splurged on gelato for dessert.


Gelatooo again!
Now the other reason why I had to go home yesterday was my Mama, she's been complaining of getting frequent headaches recently but she doesn't want to have it checked because she says she doesn't have anyone to go with her (only Papa and GeeBee lives at the house with her now, her four girls are out of the house already). Oh man, Mama's getting a little emo here.Ü And so today, being the sweet daughter that I am (char!Ü), I went to visit her doctors with her. For the initial diagnosis, it was hypertension level 2 (that was easy to guess, it runs in the family). But then again, look at what she had for lunch:
Yummy Baby Back Ribs from Lord Byron's (PhP 150)
With that being said, I no longer wonder why I'm pasaway, nagmana lang ako sa aking inay.Ü
Lord Byron's always get their baby back ribs sold out, so I suggest calling or texting them for a reservation before heading there. If you were to ask me, I think this can definitely compete with that of Racks. No kidding!Ü


Bob's Restaurant
B. S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City

Bob's Cafe
21st Lacson St., Bacolod City

Lord Byron's Baby Back Ribs
Block 8, Lot 7, Homesite, Bacolod City
Tel. No.: (034) 432-4054
Mobile: (0910) 425-7472

* Published late... Just got back from my "Lazy Song mode". 072212

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