Saturday, March 10, 2012

Prijatno at Balkan Yugoslavian Home Cooking.Ü

As a follow-up to my previous entry, GeeBee and I eventually made it to the metro late last night. And since we have not actually celebrated his birthday yesterday because of his CET (we just had a pre-birthday pig-out the day before yesterday), we decided to have a post-birthday pig-out. This time, we went Yugoslavian (Serbian)! I had no idea that there was even a Yugoslavian resto in the city, and I had no idea what their cuisine tastes like, but since GeeBee had a friend working there, we gave it a go.

From Greenbelt 5, we walked going to Perea Street, and when I saw the facade of the place, I wanted to ask GeeBee to just try something else instead, because the place looked expensive, but he said his friend told him that the price were ok, and true enough, it really gives value for your money. 

I thought it was pronounced "bangka" because their "L" looks like an "N" to me. Hihihi! 

GeeBee and bartender/ server Mitch.

Birthday shot: Jameson on the rocks!

Hahaha! He's irritated of me taking his photos!
Balkan has a very nice interior, I love the wall of photos at the rear end of restaurant. 

Sige na nga, it's my time to shine! Nag-shine nga ang oil sa noo ko!:P
Unlimited rice? No problemo!

They normally serve the off the grill items with fries or rice, but as what the server suggested, we can order it with fries and we can just ask for rice at no added fee!
Platter (PhP 290)

Batak (PhP 290)

Thank you so much, Ramona and Mitch, for making GeeBee's Serbian burpday an amazing one!

And since we were at the Greenbelt area, GeeBee didn't miss the chance to have his photo taken with Bessy's ad photo at Piandre, he says (in Ilonggo), "Model pala talaga si Kuya JC, akala ko joke lang." hihihi:


Balkan Yugoslavian Home Cooking
Ground Floor Maripola Building
109 Perea Street, Legaspi Village
Makati City
Tel. No.: (02) 846-0744

Mobile: (0917) 547-4188

* Published late... Just got back from my "Lazy Song mode". 072212

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