Friday, April 6, 2012

How I spent my 26th.♥

My birthday falls on Good Friday this year. No bunggang bunggang lafang, just an amazing afternoon long walk with two of the most amazing people I love, at the amazing walled city of Intramuros.

Parang nasa Rome lang

When in Rome... chos lang! The Manila Cathedral does look like mini-me of the St. Peter's Basilica. I'm sorry naman that my photo did not give it justice. Hindi lang siguro sya photogenic, hehehe!Ü



After stuffing ourselves with camote-que and my all-time favorite turon in front of the Cathedral, we started walking to the walls.
Find the hiding gunman, chos!

At eto na nga ang mga eksena: 
Mother and son tandem
O sige, Bro, ikaw na gwapo

Shy type?

Laughy birthday!

Ikaw na ulit ang gwapo, Bro
Then we came across a group of boys, sila pa yung nag ask na pichuran sila: 

Bro and friends

Bro and smelly friends pala. hahaha!
And this is my favorite photo of the day ni Senyora:
Ang gondooo ni Senyora Amalia!

And of course, ang mga action star shot namin ni Bro. Hahaha!

Hindi pa kasi nag split eh!


Now it's my time to shine... 

Ang taraaay!

And I love this shot:
Umeeksena si Kuya!

Thank you, Lord, for another year! Another chance to make it right! Yes! 

Happy birthday to meeeee!

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