Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sandugo Lady Conquerors for Shakey's V-League Season 9 Open Conference

Powerhouse... Top caliber... Unstoppable... Formidable... Powerful!

Just a few adjectives that people around the net used to describe the Sandugo Lady Conquerors. Funny as it seems but it was not until 2 days ago when I learned that my sister, Angela, is one of them. (I wanted to strangle her for not letting me know, and when I asked her as to why she didn't tell me about it, she said it's because I didn't ask.) It was not until yesterday that I got to watch them live, and all I can say was "Gravity! (Grabeh, 'teh!)".

I'm so proud of her (again) for being part of such a powerful line-up.

Let's go, Sandugo! Let's go, Gigel!Ü

Photo stolen from their Facebook page.Ü 

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