Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bacolod is equal to Inasal

Around this time last year, I was pretty ecstatic about our first trip for 2011: beaching at the mystical island of Siquijor. This was a barkada trip with 6 of the best people in the world: Sisaw Hewa, Bro Eddieboy, Hazy, Gueny, Toodles and Bessy.

Before heading to Siquijor, we dropped by our hometown, the city of smiles, Bacolod! All 5 of us grew up here, but it's Toodles' and Bessy's first time, so it's just proper that they'd get to experience the authentic Bacolod chicken inasal, and see the ever famous landmark that's often seen in postcards, The Capitol Lagoon.

Delayed, yes, but what is important is we got there!

Richmond Inn, just a stone throw away from the Airport. (Endorsing this as this is owned and managed by a classmate from High School.)

Camwhoring at the streets of Silay.

Kima's Pension House. Our home for 6 hours.

Kima's stairway.

Toodles, Gueny and Bro at Chicken Deli.

Sisaw and the inasal smorgasbord.

Kan-on all you can. Yes!

City of Smiles? Make that City of Laughter.:D

At the Capitol Lagoon, with special guests, Jaki and GeeBee (first and third from left). The Lagoon is right across Chicken Deli, the perfect location for HHWW after a sumptuous inasal feast.  

The butt of the male statue. The female statue is at the other side of the lagoon, and I heard they have a sad love story.:( I might write about that here someday once I get more information from trusted sources.;)

Team Siqui with GeeBee and Jaki (from left to right): Gueny, me, Bessy, Hazy, Bro, Toodles and Sisaw. On the background is the Negros Museum.

Nice shot, GeeBee! ikaw lang ang naka-jump!

We heart Bacolod!♥

Richmond Inn
Mckinley Street,
St. Francis Natures Village, Silay City 6116
Tel. No.: (034) 495-3832
Mobile No.: (0920) 605-3771

Kima's Pension House
Mandalagan, Bacolod City 6100
Tel. No.: (034) 435-4293/ (034) 709-8529

Chicken Deli
8th Lacson Street,
Bacolod City 6100
Tel. No.: (034) 433-3506


iamsuperserah said...

sino yun mga kasama mo?

edzactly said...

super serah: mga kaberks ko nung grade school and high school. salingkitkit lang jn si juan. hihihi!Ü