Monday, January 30, 2012

Double Trouble in Bohol (Day 2)

We were off to an early start kasi nga instead of just taking a nap, we ended up sleeping the entire afternoon until dawn.
Now this looks like a setting sun, but it's really just rising

Since we were not able to have dinner, na-maximize talaga namin ang free buffet breakfast that was included with our room accommodation.

Unlimited danggit! Yummy!

After returning 4 times to the buffet table (hahaha!), the beach was still on it's all time low, we decided to walk to Bohol Beach Club. One of the reasons why I opted for Dumaluan Beach is because it's located just besides BBC, and I was thinking of spending the day there. They have their day tour pass at PhP500 (PhP350 of which is consumable on food). 

Bohol Beach Club, baby!

Sun is up in the sky
My brother bear
Ansaveh ng curves... ng coconut tree?
I'd like to thank Cebu Pacific for the shining, shimmering bag
Chill chill sa aking duyan
Uh oh! Rain clouds approaching

After a day of sunbathing, at dahil tapos nang mag 2-piece, pwede nang bumawi ng lafang. I'm a sucker for turon and I really wanted to try Amorita Resort's Turon de Bohol, but since we were not able to find the resort, sa restaurant na lang kami ng Dumaluan nag food trip.

Pizza and pasta and more!

I personally love yung seafood pasta nila. I ordered it when we had our late lunch (see photo above) and I ordered it again for dinner (photo below). I forgot what it's called pero may something na "Mrs." sya. Hay naku, me and my very limited edition memory.


Serenaded by The Rey Valera, himself!
We were lucky kasi there was this big group na doon din sa Dumaluan nag stay when we were there, and they have Mr. Rey Valera with them. They asked him to sing a song or two after they had dinner. It ended up na parang mini-concert nya, he sang 6 songs ata. Gravity! Ang galing galing nya!

Dumaluan at night

We decided to chill on the shore after dinner. You can still hear the live band in the background plus the sound of the sea crashing on the shore, kaya feel na feel ko ang pag higa doon sa beach bed under the tree.

Eksena bago mag borlogz

And that wraps up our beaching day. Next is our side trip to Cebu before flying back home.Ü

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